Bedding & Patio Plants


Bedding and patio season has taken off (despite the weather!) with masses of patio colour, all grown on site, ready to brighten up pots, baskets beds and borders this season! 

2024 Prices:
Spring Bedding & Patio Packs: £3.85 each
Or: 3 FOR £10
(That’s just 83p per patio plant, in a 4-pack!)
Offer price also applies for every additional pack (i.e. £3.33 per pack when 3+ packs are purchased)

Purple Viola at Trevena Cross 2023 cyclamen at Trevena Cross 2023 Mixed Violas at Trevena Cross 2023

One litre patio plants, including the infamous Trio Pot (3 plants, 1 pot): £2.75 each

Veg packs: £3.40 each

Single Tomato / Pepper / Chilli / Cucumber / Aubergine / Courgette / Squash / Pumpkin: £1.50 each (or as priced)

Sweet Potato / Artichoke: £2.50 each

Wasabi: £7.00 each

Like many other garden centres, for a number of years we were reliant on external suppliers to help meet the demand of seasonal bedding plants and patio plants in the spring. We would buy in trollies of bedding packs from trusted wholesale nurseries, but began to find they simply couldn’t keep up with the increasing demand of our customers.

To avoid letting any customers down with un-stocked trollies, a few years ago Trevena Cross owner Graham decided to bring the growth of all bedding and patio plants entirely in-house, and invest in a large transplanter machine, a compost mixer, and training of a dedicated nursery team that could plant out the many thousands of bedding packs we see go home with our customers each spring.

bedding transplanter machine

Growing on a wholesale scale but for a retail purpose, means we can keep the costs to retail customers down, and offer unbeatable value for money, while still offering an incredibly wide range of quality choices – including the newest varieties available in the plant world!

Particularly appealing is the huge range of patio 4-packs we stock. From Geraniums to Begonia semperflorums, Verbenas to Impatiens, Argyranthemums to Bidens, Petunias to Marigolds, there is a plant and colour to suit every pot, trough, basket, bed and border, in EVERY garden!

The best thing about it is that these patio plants can offer colour for such a long period of time too. From spring continuously right through to Christmas or beyond, if the winter temperatures are kind. When you consider that your average shrub or perennial may only give you 6-8 weeks of colour each year, patio plants really are a great investment!

Patio Plants - Geranium 4-packs

Why choose Trevena Cross Bedding Plants over alternatives?
The thousands of seasonal bedding plants we grow, start life on site in our huge 32 acre nursery… but why does this matter?

  • The seed/plugs are cherry picked varieties from specialist nurseries, selected for incomparable quality and range
  • Grown in the best compost, for the best start in life
  • Well acclimatised to the local climate
  • Grown on a wholesale scale but for retail sales, so we can offer value for money that can’t be matched anywhere
  • For colour – particularly with our patio 4-packs – that will last until Christmas… or beyond in a mild winter.
  • In another league from cheap DIY store/supermarket bedding, which is usually grown from seed abroad and is very unlikely to have the same longevity or offer the same value for money.

Patio Plants - Orange Impatiens  Patio Plants -Bidens 4-packs  Patio Plants - Pink Impatiens