Trevena Cross Plants

Passionate about plants, knowledgeable about plants, a first home for plants.

We grow more than 90% of the plants we sell, from seed, plug or small liner plant, in our on site 32 acre nursery. By the time Trevena Cross plants are large and mature, priced and ready to go home with our customers, they have spent a significant amount of time with us here, in our propagating house, our potting tunnels and our outside nursery bays, being nurtured and cared for by the nursery team – the people behind the scenes, hidden out of view!

So many plants!

When it’s time for Trevena Cross plants to make the journey down the lane from nursery to garden centre, there is extensive undercover (and outdoor) space available, spread over three acres, dedicated to this huge variety of plants, many of which are rare, unusual and difficult to source elsewhere.

With exotic specialities of historic significance to the garden centre, once known as an ‘exotic nursery’, it is these plants that are still particularly popular with customers today, as well as our huge selection of coastal plants; so geographically relevant to Trevena Cross.

In reality there are no limits to Trevena Cross plants on offer though. Sure, the palm trees, olive trees, proteas, restios, tree ferns, and coastal plants are important parts of the jigsaw, but many other pieces help complete the puzzle. From hedging plants (grown on mass) suited to coastal or inland positions, to thousands of different summer flowering perennials, to bedding plants (also grown on mass!) to edible plants, the list is endless.

A brief rundown follows, but to find out more about the plants available for sale here at Trevena Cross, visit the pages in this section. Alternatively, visit our online shop for a more limited selection of plants that you can buy from your own home.

Trevena Cross plants – plants for everyone

Trevena Cross plants are suitable for filling gardens of all size, type and style, from window box to large country estate, in urban, rural, city, country, coastal, exotic, desert or forest settings (to name a few!) Plants we supply include, but are not limited to; shrubs, perennials, trees, specimen plants, coastal plants, hedging plants, dwarf plants, ground cover plants, exotic plants, rare and unusual plants, wildlife friendly plants, seasonal bedding plants, aquatic plants, succulent plants, shade plants, seasonal flowering plants, Cornish wall plants, alpines, grasses, grow your own plants, herbs and houseplants. (Phew!)