The wedding season of 2013 is looming, and whilst the most superstitious amongst us may be wary of the implications of the dreaded ’13’, for many it’s to be a year of great promise and joy, as happy couples across the UK finish planning the most special day of their lives!

Here at Trevena Cross we’re dipping our toes in the wedding water so to speak, with the introduction of Trevena Cross Wedding Gift Lists!

Wedding Gift List with Trevena Cross Nurseries

The venue, the decor, the dress, the cake, the photographer, the cars – nearly always sourced locally, or at least with local thinking, and yet the gifts (once over the dilemma of what to do about gifts!) are quite often left out of this bracket.

Creating a list with a well-known national or multi-national company is quite often the norm for those seeking a traditional list… and that’s if it’s not overridden by the increasing popularity of honeymoon vouchers or simple monetary contributions.

There seems a gap in the market for a local gift list with a difference. As a nursery and garden centre, with an eclectic mix of products for the garden (often a forgotten space), as well as for the home and for the individual, we have an awful lot to offer a soon-to-be married couple. If the home’s catered for, why not make use of our expert advice to get the garden in order? The choice is yours!

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