This time of the year so many perennials come into their own – and are SO worthy of the spotlight, that we have a perennials special to celebrate!

Exuberant colour oozes out of the perennials tunnels and around the centre where so many different two litre perennials are currently on special offer – 3 FOR £10 (mix and match from a huge range). With so many different varieties to choose from it is possible to create a cracking mixed perennial border on a budget, or snap up a few new ones to fill gaps. Quite often, creating a drift of a single variety will provide just as much, if not more, wow factor too. Whatever your choice, we have a wide range of well established, high quality two litre perennials, all grown on site by our dedicated nursery team, currently available at unbeatable value!

Our two litre perennials special can be found in two locations – as you enter the undercover area next to the shop (from the shop end) turn immediately right and they are displayed on benches along there, and they can also be found near the toilet block.

A great selection of different colour Heucheras, all grown on site, are also creating quite a statement in their own right. Lovely three litre plants, £7.50 each.

Heucheras purple/red at Trevena Cross Heuchera Electra at Trevena Cross Heucheras at Trevena Cross

We challenge you to take a wander through our perennials tunnels and exit empty handed! We’re confident that there’s something that will catch your eye, you’ll fall in love with, and just have to take home!

Pink Dahlia at Trevena Cross Perennials at Trevena Cross Perennial at Trevena Cross

Pink Foxglove at Trevena Cross White perennial at Trevena Cross Feathery perennial at Trevena Cross

The brilliance of perennials is that there is one for every spot in the garden, be it sunny, shady, wet or dry. The transformation you see from non existent in winter, to ‘blooming beautiful’ in the growing season is also remarkable, and happens year after year.

So what’s available in perennial heaven?

TWO LITRE – SPECIAL: 3 FOR £10 (or £6.50 EACH)

Go on, pop in, stock up and get planting! You won’t find the same value for money anywhere else!