While bedding season may be coming to an end for us here at Trevena Cross, we still have fabulous patio colour to tempt you with…

If the pictures below aren’t temptation enough, then perhaps the BUY ONE GET ONE FREE offer on all small patio plants (£1.95 each) and 5 FOR £10.00 on one litre patio plants (£2.50 each) will be! Guaranteed to bring beautiful colour to the patio and garden through the summer, the huge variety of plants still on offer will also complement other summer plantings like troughs or borders of mixed perennials.

Yellow Biden patio plant Planter of yellow Biden patio plants White patio plant Yellow Osteospermum flower close-up Yellow Osteospermum flowers Maroon patio flower Blue and white patio flower White patio colour Pink patio flowers Purple patio flowers Dark patio foliage Pretty purple patio flowers Pink gerberas A yellow Biden flower
We do also have a huge range of perennials, everything from A through to Z, ready to burst with colour this summer! Large four litre perennial plants are priced at £7.95 each (with special offers etc to be had throughout the season too!)