Rachel Jeffery, the wife of familiar face, Graham, (Trevena Cross owners) was a graduate of Falmouth Art School more than twenty years ago. A little bit more about Rachel and the inspiration behind her paintings can be found below, along with a link to her website where you can see more about her work and portfolio.

In Rachel’s words…

“My earlier work was born from a collection drawings, photos and memories from my surroundings of beautiful beaches and gardens. I would sometimes just sit on a cliff and paint. I draw spontaneously to capture my immediate reactions and try to grasp the spirit of the place. I merge ideas with the figurative and work on several oil paintings at once encouraging expressive marks to flow. I intend to marry emotional and visual responses.

NOW – I am inspired mostly by the geology of my surroundings and have a collection of rock pool paintings and landscapes from my home county of Cornwall. I am building a collection of work, which is informed by my recent five week trip to New Zealand. I experiment with materials and like to embrace new techniques. In addition, the discipline of Life Drawing, keeps observational skills in tune. A selection of life based work is also available”.

To find out more and see Rachel’s work, visit her website.

Rachel painting Cornish Hedgerow  Rachel painting Hazy Daisy Meadow

Rachel painting Clifftop Flora  Rachel painting The Lizard with Speedboat

Rachel painting of Rinsey footpath  Rachel painting Rinsey Footpath with Figure

Rachel painting beach  Rachel Jeffery painting on easle