A unique – but also extremely useful – buy in the shop at the moment is Onya Produce Bags. These reusable bags are a convenient carrying and storage solution for your fruit and veggies when out shopping, and then also at home. Take them in the handy pouch, with your other Bags for Life when you go off to the shops and then sidestep the single use plastic bags and pull out your breathable mesh produce bags to carry all that delicious fruit and veg home with you.

Why Onya Produce bags? 

Its green credentials. We all need to do our bit to help the planet and plastic is a biggie on everyone’s conscience at the moment.
Onya produce bags are crafted from recycled plastic drinks bottles, and prevent the need for single use plastic bags – thus helping the environment two-fold. They prevent the need to use up additional plastic, but also use up plastic that would have otherwise ended up in landfill.

Super light but super strong. Only 10g a bag they are very easy to carry with you but are able to hold and carry up to 2kg of produce each, secured with a 2cm gusset along the bottom and a convenient drawstring tie at the top.

Mesh means versatile. Water and air can flow through the bags meaning you can wash your produce whilst still in the bags, and keep it fresh for longer by allowing it to breathe, whether hung up or in the fridge. A shift from the traditional plastic bag that can make your produce sweat, and shorten its life.

Multi-use. Perfect as a produce bag, these mesh bags are also versatile, great for bulk storage, a handy place to store dried fruits and nuts etc, also good for drying herbs due to air circulation through the mesh.

A box of five bags, stored in a colourful pouch, could be yours for just £14.99 – or two boxes for £25.00. As the only current UK stockist of Onya produce Bags, they also make a thoughtful, one-of-a-kind gift, perhaps for the person who has everything?!.. (Well nearly everything!)