Whilst we think that our specimen trees – and particulaurly our olives, which just seem to ooze charisma – are an impressive, eye catching site at the garden centre, we rarely get to see the finished article, settled into its new home, within the context of a garden, and a collection of other wonderful plants!

Fortunately, within the last few weeks, we’ve been lucky enough to receive photos sent by recent customers, of our olive trees.  Mr and Mrs Smith of Garras, near Helston kindly sent us the below photos prior to their olive being planted out in their beautiful garden – already a haven for lovely specimens such as palms, visible in the photos.

Olive tree in the garden  Olive tree by house on patio

Following this, Sara, a Garden Designer familiar to Trevena Cross, who runs gARTen design, wanted an olive for her own garden, and was kind enough to send us a photo of it as the wall was put up around it, (below left) and then with the finished wall (below right).

Olive tree in situe, surrounded by wall  Olive tree with surrounding finished wall

It’s great to see these fantastic specimens in their new homes, and in an environment where it has real impact and can be enjoyed and appreciated in full glory rather than getting a little lost among the masses on the garden centre floor.

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