Introducing FERTIPLUS organic fertiliser…

Trevena Cross Owner, Graham, has always been an innovator when it comes to plants and introducing rare, unusual specialities that you wont find elsewhere. Perhaps less known though, is that he also does this with a number of our garden sundries, be it composts, fertilisers, slug pellets… His wealth of growing knowledge and experience as well as vast network of contacts, means often he has passed judgement on these ‘trialled’ products before deciding that they’re worth offering for sale in the shop. Graham frequently trials ‘new’ lines in his own garden or on his own fruit and veg plots – or knows people that have, and will then use them in the nursery before making them available for sale. Only the best make the cut and are added to our sundries lines!

One such product that recently appealed to Graham and that he has on good authority from experienced local allotment growers, is a winner, is FERTIPLUS Organic Fertiliser (also known as Greenvale Plant Food). This granular fertiliser, is particularly great for organic growers, naturally increasing fruit and veg yields by helping to extract the essential minerals already present in the soil, and making them available to the plant, to boost growth and vigour – ultimately ‘bringing out the very best in the soil’. All season long it releases nutrients, and ultimately does a fantastic job of promoting and sustaining long term soil fertility.


  • Organic fertiliser
  • Easy to use/apply
  • Naturally boosts fruit and veg yields
  • Makes minerals in the soil available to the plant
  • Natural boost in growth and vigour
  • Promotes and sustains long term soil fertility
  • Recommended application: 120-200g per square metre.

Available in the shop at £19.50 for a 25kg bag – give it a try on your own veg plot!