We have added, and will continue to add new garden and plant guides to our growing collection, online and in the shop.

Recognising that quite often, a generic garden centre guide on X, Y and Z doesn’t always cut it, our personalised guides take the best nuggets of Trevena Cross horticultural knowledge and experience straight from the horse’s mouth, and and place them in a handy, jargon-free guide for your interest.

With big gaps in our current collection, we have most recently added our ‘Perennials‘ and ‘Shade Plants‘ guides.

Perennials Guide from Trevena Cross Nurseries

We stock thousands of perennials and are all too aware of the often daunting choices many people are faced with – just where to start! In addition, shady gardens, or shady corners of the garden often pose their own problems or challenges. This latter guide intends to ease the burden of a light-lacking space!

In production at the moment are further guides, including a Wildlife Friendly guide, a Climbers guide, and a Pond & Aquatics guide. So watch this space…!

Are there any new guides you’d like to see? Let us know, and we’ll see what we can do!