The classic olive tree with its grey-green foliage and fragrant creamy white flowers in summer is always a favourite. Rarely will fruits develop so that they’re edible in the temperate UK climate, if they develop at all, but even without a glut of olives to enjoy, these eye-catching specimens are able to win hearts. What they lack in fruit they more than make up for with their architectural brilliance.

These lovely trees can transport you to the Mediterranean in a space that’s big or small – and you don’t need a giant budget either. Our latest delivery of olive trees has something for everyone.

See below for a list of what’s available (please note all sizes are approximate):

> 4-5ft, open top £50 (1st image below)
> 4-5ft, lollipop top £65 (2nd & 3rd image below)
> 6ft, bigger head of foliage £250 (4th image below)
> 10ft, big head of foliage £350
> 13ft, big head of foliage £450

(The biggest olive in the main image at the top is one of the bigger 10ft or 13ft olives)

£50 open top olive tree - Trevena Crossl £65 lollipop olive tree - Trevena Cross Lollipop olive head - Trevena Cross £250 olive tree - Trevena Cross

The most important consideration for your olive tree is drainage. They MUST  have a free draining site and lots of sunshine. An olive will lose its leaves if it gets too wet. It’s often a good idea to double dig the subsoil where the olive will go to aerate it and help improve drainage. A stony site can be perfect – gravel etc can be dug into the soil to loosen it and ensure its free draining nature.

Olives can do well in a coastal location, assuming it is set back a little – in a more sheltered inlet for example, like Falmouth in Cornwall. Very exposed clifftop locations are not ideal however – unless there is a decent amount of shelter. They are hardy, surviving beyond -10 degrees C, but aren’t as fit for exposure as a number of our palm trees specimens that can weather anything. Of course you don’t have to be by the seaside to create a Mediterranean landscape – throw in some lavenders, rosemary and perhaps a Chamaerops palm, and you can create a simple but effective look that will transport you to warmer climes wherever you actually live!

Our olive trees are dotted all over the centre – so do keep an eye out when you visit! Some of the larger ones are also currently lining the outdoor dining area for customers of the Garden Kitchen Cafe, which provides a nice backdrop and environment in which to sip a cuppa or indulge in something naughty! Bonus!