Running this week, until 6th October, the annual National Conifer Week, organised by the British Conifer Group (BCG) is back! An integral part of many if not EVERY garden, the conifer is the bread and butter of the plant world – a true staple!

Conifers at Trevena Cross Nurseries

However not everyone has the most positive impressions of the Conifer, it has become the unfortunate victim of an ‘old fashioned’ label, considered possibly ‘boring’ alongside more exciting, newer introductions in the plant world. Yet bold, solid, reliable shape and colour shouldn’t be under-estimated, and we want to help promote the many great qualities the Conifer holds.

Extremely versatile – blending into the backdrop or standing proud as a focal point – and with a whole host of great shapes, colours and textures to choose from, if you’ve never given the conifer the time of day, then perhaps now is the time to reconsider?! They can add something new and interesting to the garden at what can be a quiet time, and as  a low maintenance, high impact addition – what more could you want?

Our top tip: offset a couple of conifers against a carpet of heathers – they complement each other superbly, and planted together will make a real statement!