Following reports from local customers and industry contacts, we’ve become aware of the fact that plant stock levels are low at various local garden centres (and most likely those further afield) – something we’re really pleased and proud to report is not the case here at Trevena Cross Nurseries.

While many garden centres rely on external suppliers to source their plants, something that can be tricky as well as expensive to do at this time of year, we do not have this problem, growing more than 90% of our own plants on site in our nursery from seed or plant plugs. Plants have never been scarce here at Trevena Cross and never will be, as there are always tens of thousands of plants being grown on, and becoming readily available in the large 30 acre nursery, or down on the garden centre where they come to the end of their journey with us…. and start their journey with you.

Trevena Cross Owner Graham Jeffery comments:

“We’ve had customers visit recently, very surprised to discover the copious numbers of plants that we have available here at the moment. Having done the rounds of other local garden centres, we’re apparently unique, able to meet every plant need where others aren’t.  Growing our own stock is a real advantage, for so many reasons, but being able to assure a consistent supply of plants to our customers whenever they require them is certainly one of the most important”.

Plants in nursery tunnel