We have recently launched Trevena Cross Top Picks – our own personal recommendations of products that go above and beyond and deserve to be highlighted as top performers! Anything we sell can be assigned a top pick, (plants, sundries, furniture etc) if it is found to be exceptional in its own field.

Our very first ‘top pick’ was a slow release fertiliser – the best that Owner, Graham, has ever used – and that has now been joined by various other products including pest controls, composts, furniture etc. The prestigious title will continue to be awarded as the team decides – where great new discoveries are made or the long term success of something deserves to be recognised!

The identified ‘top picks’ are usually based on our own experience of said product; its use/how it grows in the nursery or even Owner, Graham’s decades of experience growing in his own garden, orchard or veg plots. Top Picks are chosen without bias – there are no allegiances to any suppliers. All decisions are independently made by Trevena Cross, based on the business’s own experience and opinions.

Trevena Cross Top Picks are highlighted with bright yellow signage around the garden centre and so cannot be missed on your travels!

Trevena Cross Top Picks point of sale

So far awarded the accolade…

• Neudorff Organic Multipurpose Plant Food
• Neudorff Soluble Plant Foods
• Neudorff BugFree Bug & Larvae Killer
• Neudorff Sluggo Slug & Snail Killer
• Neudorff Ant Killer Granules
• Neudorff Weedfree Plus
• Coco & Coir Coco Bloom All Purpose Compost
• Coco & Coir Coco Chip Mulch
• Alexander Rose Cornish Riviera Rattan Furniture
• Alexander Rose Portofino & Rimini Metal Furniture
• Alexander Rose Sherwood Timber Range

And no doubt, with lots more additions coming soon!..

So be sure to look out for our Trevena Cross Top Picks on your next visit.