From Monday 22nd May – Friday 9th June, Trevena Cross, based in the village of Breage near Helston, will play host to an exclusive Art Exhibition (free entry) in its front car park. It will showcase the talent of local artists – abstract painter Rachel Jeffery, and painter and sculptor Bob Dawson.

Coinciding with Open Studios Cornwall, running from 22nd May – 4th June, Rachel and Bob will exhibit some of their most recent and sought after collections of work, under the cover of a specially erected marquee at the garden centre.

Rachel Jeffery with one of her abstract pieces Bob Dawson with one of his sculptures

The artists will be able to give visitors a unique insight into their work and inspirations, and hope to share their passion with a wide range of people, be it art collectors, fellow artists or complete newbies who have never stepped foot in an art exhibition or gallery before.

There will be an eclectic selection of work to admire, as exhibiting artist Rachel describes:

“I make paintings about my local area, be that inspired by my garden or my current series of work, which is developed from observing my favourite little cove (See my ‘Cove Series’ online’). I also make paintings about my travels around the world. I use a variety of media and like to mix it up and experiment… My style is unique to me and my process of creating.”

Exhibiting artist Bob Dawson continues:

“I try to combine elements in my painting and sculpture that are inspired by issues surrounding the south-west coastline. In the sculptures, surface texture plays a part, with figurative overtones. In the paintings, I use a limited palette that is more empathetic with natural forms. It is structure and hidden meanings that I’m passionate about and hope, will engage the viewer.”

Painting Exhibition - Bob Dawson

A wide range of paintings, sculptures and prints by Rachel and Bob, to suit all pockets, will be available to purchase during the three weeks.

Rachel is also offering two exclusive workshop opportunities in the marquee on the afternoon of the 31st May and the 7th June, where she will teach participants how to abstract from their drawings using a variety of media. For more information about the workshops please email Rachel at [email protected].

Art Workshop

More information about Open Studios Cornwall can be found here, and more information about Rachel and Bob’s work can be found here and here respectively.