In the last couple of weeks we have replenished stocks of our most impressive specimen trees including Trachycarpus, Chamaerops and Phoenix canariensis palm trees, Olives, Cordylines, and fantastic Topiary. Large container lorries have travelled over from Spain to the far west of Cornwall, so that we can bring you these fantastic garden focal points. We have a range of shapes and sizes to suit a huge range of spaces and landscapes – can we tempt you?

Exotic specimens 2014 at Trevena Cross

Tomorrow (Thursday 8th May) we’ll be taking delivery of great value bare root Trachycarpus fortunei trunks. Most will find their way up to the nursery where they will be potted up, but some will be available as bare root trunks on the garden centre as excellent investments for those in the market for one. These trunks will be available at special prices for a few weeks only, before they too will need to be potted up.

Bare root Trachycarpus trunks:
60-80cm trunk – £85.00
100-120cm trunk – £130.00
160-180cm trunk £205.00

And don’t forget this is trunk size only – with foliage, the overall height will be at least 60cm + above this!

Bare root trachycarpus