For the avid gardener it’s the season to don old clothes, dig the gardening gloves out, make friends with the garden shed again and get outside whenever a dry opportunity strikes.

We’ve been lucky this year, with a very promising start to the spring season; it’s like springs of old, a proper season transition filled with temperature rises and eruptions of growth and colour just as should be the case following the winter season.

Busy car park at Trevena Cross Nurseries

We’ve enjoyed seeing a car park rammed full of cars since spring took off, and if you plan to be one of them on a visit in the next few weeks, here’s our top tips for things to look out for as you meander around the centre:

– BIG STUFF – we’ve had very recent deliveries of new big beauties, perfect for creating instant impact or show stopping features in the garden, including a range of specimen Palm Trees, Cordylines, Bay Trees, and Olive Trees. As you drive into the car park you’ll notice a lot of it on the grass over on the left hand side. There is also plenty dotted around the centre in and amongst other benches of plants, in prominent spots.

– POTS GALORE – this spring we’re giving a special mention to pots, as the garden industry tries to encourage everyone, even the most novice gardener, to engage with the garden even if it is just with a couple of potted plants. ‘It Starts with a Pot’ campaign is proving that fun, straightforward gardening – just planting up a few pots – can still provide fantastic impact and colour! We’ve a range of plants and pots and are happy to advise as to which plants work well together and in which pots (and even pot them up for you). In front of the shop also houses our NEW ‘trio pots’, comprising three well chosen plants potted into one pot for a fabulous colour coordinated display this summer. We’re expecting these to fly out as they burst into flower so don’t miss them…

– THE VEG GREENHOUSE – the nursery and garden centre owner’s passion for ‘grow your own’ shines through in the ‘grow your own’ greenhouses at the garden centre. You won’t find a couple of lettuce packs and two tomato varieties in a Trevena Cross greenhouse, instead you’ll be treated to an incredible range of veg plants including many rarer, more unusual options. This extends to soft fruits and fruit trees too – where the owner Graham has himself, experimented with a range of interesting new varieties. Spring is a great time to check out the ‘grow your own’ offering and boost your enthusiasm for a more self sufficient lifestyle!

– PERFECT GIFTS – we know it’s all about the garden at this time of year but while you’re here, don’t miss the gift department, crammed full of fabulous KitchenAid and other quality kitchen and homeware, as well as HALF PRICE Emma Bridgewater pottery among things.

GARDEN KITCHEN CAFE – and of course, don’t forget the perfect pit-stop..!

We look forward to welcoming you soon if we haven’t seen you already – it’s most certainly the right time to spring into action in the garden!