The houseplant section in the shop was moved and revamped in 2022. A brand new section was created, dedicated to a magnificent display of  Trevena houseplants, (including miracle air plants) and all their accessories, from colour coordinated pots to watering cans, misters, to houseplant food and decorative aggregates.

Air Plants at Trevena Cross Yellow and gold houseplant accessories Houseplants and accessories at Trevena Cross

Trevena Cross has long been the place to come for an outdoor plant fix and now we’re able to cater for an indoor plant fix too!

Having stocked houseplants on a fairly small scale, in comparison with all of our outdoor plants, up until 2022, we decided it was time give them the limelight and make a real showstopping splash of Trevena houseplants.

Houseplants at Trevena Cross

As you wander into the area you will become immersed in a real houseplant experience. Hanging above you, seated below you, and pretty much surrounding you wherever you walk, they will capture your attention, and your heart! Be it a Calethea, a Philodendron, a Sansevieria or a Ficus – there is so much choice and so many shapes and sizes to ensure a perfect choice awaits every visitor and every home.

We aim to offer something for everyone, from small pocket money purchases for the houseplant newbie, to collector’s items for houseplant enthusiasts, like the highly sought after Monstera deliciosa Variegata.

Monstera deliciosa Variegata plants

Massive houseplant selection at Trevena Cross Hanging houseplants at Trevena Cross Houseplant section at Trevena Cross

Houseplants make you feel good. They bring a bit of nature into the home, can lift your mood on darker days and nights and they actually improve the quality of air we breathe. They remove toxins from the air – according to NASA research, up to 87% of volatile organic compounds (VOCs, emitted from furnishings, detergents, paint etc), every 24 hours!… and all in return for little more than a bit of understanding and TLC.

According to numerous recent scientific studies, the psychological benefits of indoor plants can include:

  • Improved mood (especially over the past couple of years during the Covid pandemic)
  • Reduced stress levels (caring for houseplants provides a sense of purpose)
  • Improved attention span
  • Increased worker productivity (e.g. in workplaces)
  • Increased pain tolerance (e.g. in hospitals)

…And the physical benefits include…

  • Reduced blood pressure
  • Reduced fatigue and headaches
  • Decreased post-operative pain (e.g. in hospitals)

With plenty of care advice on hand to help guide you on your houseplant journey, we want you to leave a happy, confident new Trevena houseplant owner 🙂

And our top tip… Don’t OVER WATER! The most common cause of houseplant death is too much water. People kill them with kindness, believing they need much more to drink than they actually do. Water displaces oxygen in the roots and if kept in a waterlogged state will begin to rot. The roots need a chance to properly drain before receiving more water. A good rule of thumb, is to to allow the top centimetre or two of soil to become dry before applying any more water.

Houseplant variety at Trevena Cross Entrance to houseplants at Trevena Cross White and cream houseplant pots

We look forward to seeing you in the houseplant section soon 🙂