Happy New Year All! We hope the Christmas indulgence isn’t sitting too heavy! We believe there’s nothing better than getting some fresh January air into those lungs to clear the cobwebs and those Christmas calories – and where better to start than in the garden?

The main grow your own season will soon be upon us, and we’re kick starting things with a huge range of seed potatoes for you to get you teeth into, (quite literally, in months to come!) The potato is a fantastic, versatile veg, very rewarding, and easy to grow if a few simple steps are followed.

We have our first earlies in stock, and second earlies and maincrop potatoes on the way within the next week. The best part? You can grow potatoes where other veg and plants will struggle – great for growing in a new, weedy plot or on old, untended grassland, potatoes will supress the weeds, and then when you come to dig up your potatoes you will be digging over the soil and inadvertantly preparing it for future growing.

Learn more about our seed potatoes by clicking here.