Here at Trevena Cross we’re keen to offer any gardening tips and advice that can make gardening hassle-free, very enjoyable, and importantly, a successful experience for all of our customers!

We’ve therefore developed a series of guides – offering tips and guidance to growing particular types of plant or creating  a particular type of garden.

These are available in store, and have been for a while; however on recognising that it is sometimes nice to do the research before you shop, and get a planting plan together, these are now also available for you to download from the website to view, print… or make use of however you choose!

Gardening Guides on website

Click here to view our newly added guides  – and happy reading!

Is there a guide we’ve missed that you think would be really useful for yourself and also popular with others? – Please do let us know and we’ll consider adding it to our series of guides!