Childrens’ Toys (8yrs and under) at Trevena Cross

Are you seeking a special gift for one of the little people in your life? There are few shops you can visit to find a more traditional gift or rare treat for your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, newborns and other small people of huge importance! We felt that this was a gap that Trevena Cross should fill and so created a special section in our gift department, dedicated to young children’s toys.

Young childrens’ toys at Trevena Cross

Trevena Cross aims to stock an eclectic mix of beautiful gifts for young children from baby to around 8 years old. All our toys are carefully hand-picked by our expert shop gift team. The toys being chosen for their quality, affordability and uniqueness.

Peter Rabbit blue and pink blankies  Children's toy department - Trevena Cross  Llamas cuddly toys at Trevena Cross

The goal is to ensure that the Trevena Cross selection is a personal collection, unique to the garden centre. We have no desire to duplicate the toys and gift big chainstores and supermarkets sell. This is one reason why we keep the focus on younger children; still excited by a traditional wooden puzzle or an irresistible squishy cuddly toy.

The range of young childrens’ toys includes gorgeous snuggly animals and bears, traditional games, puzzles, musical instruments, gifts perfect for a newborn baby, activity books, fun, educational toys, puppets to interact with and a whole host of other novelty gifts and accessories that are sure to put a big smile on any little person’s face!

Play food items  Peter Rabbit blue and pink cuddlies  Gruffalo height chart and counting blocks

As with the rest of Trevena Cross gift department, the selection of young children’s toys is constantly changing, so a fresh look on a regular basis will always provide new inspiration for the next gift to buy.

*Please note: the photos show just a few of the products we sell. Due to continuously changing stock and freshly introduced lines, we cannot guarantee the availability of any specific items depicted. If you see an item you love here, please confirm its availability with us before making a special trip into Trevena Cross.