Amidst a busy sale period with bedding and patio plants, veg plants, baskets, pots, perennials… and more, flying out, almost quicker than we can re-stock our benches, it is easy to forget that there are other gems around the centre, that you could quite easily overlook right now – but really shouldn’t, such as roses, dahlias and heucheras!

Outside of the chaotic bedding and patio area, you shouldn’t miss the enormous array of roses, in our other undercover plant area. They are currently in beautiful bloom, with many emitting the most incredible fragrance.

Pink rose at Trevena Cross Red rose at Trevena Cross Speckled pink rose at Trevena Cross

Pink rose and rose buds at Trevena Cross Shades of pink rose at Trevena Cross Blooming red rose at Trevena Cross

Although you may have heard a lot about perennials generally (especially our 3 for £10 offer on our two litres) Dahlias are worth a mention alone, as they are really stealing the show on a number of benches. They are available in an array of striking colours and are always a popular one when in full bloom, (like they are right now!) All lovely three litre plants, they are certainly worthy of their £7.50 price tag.

Dahlia Dahlietta Surprise Demi Yellow Dahlia at Trevena Cross Mixed Dahlias at Trevena Cross

Orange Dahlia at Trevena Cross Pink Dahlia at Trevena Cross red and yellow dahlia flower

Another perennial making quite the statement on its own is Heucheras. Not for their beautiful blooms this time, but more for their wonderful foliage, which comes in a variety of colours, from deep purple to lime green! They are a terrific choice, so versatile and as a result, the ideal spot exists for one – or an entire drift – in nearly every garden. Like the Dahlias, they are in three litre pots, and £7.50 a piece.

Sea of heucheras at Trevena Cross Heucheras Forever Purple at Trevena Cross Heucheras at Trevena Cross

Heuchera Electra at Trevena Cross Different coloured heucheras at Trevena Cross Heucheras, three litres, for £7.50 each

Finally worth a mention, is our soft fruit plants. Clearing out the back of the shade tunnel and the surrounding area, has been the hard work of a number of the outside team in recent weeks, and they have now done a marvellous job of creating a new dedicated space for fruits – primarily soft fruits, that handily also sits near to the fruit trees.

Soft fruit plants at Trevena Cross Soft fruit plant pots at Trevena Cross Soft fruit plants behind the shade tunnel at Trevena Cross

So there’s a glimpse of what else you can discover if you venture beyond the hectic sales area and take in EVERYTHING the garden centre has to offer at this time of year! Take your time and take it all in!…