Fragrance, Bath & Body

Fragrance, bath and body care products are a vital part of the Trevena Cross gift department. Not only do they make wonderful gifts for other people, but the luxurious fragrances encourage us all to indulge in some self-pampering.

Products of this nature, from a wide range of different suppliers, have been a staple in the gift department for many years. Popular names like our Bronnley toiletries and scents have found a fairly permanent home, due to their popularity with our customers while others take the limelight for a shorter period of time – often until other local shops/retailers follow our lead and we look to discovering new items for you. Determined to retain originality within all areas of the gift department, we aim to bring you delightful fragrances and body care products that you can’t easily find in other stores.

With something to suit all ages and scent preferences, our products include body creams, soaps, moisturisers, bath salts, reed diffusers and candles.

Bronnley toiletries  Heathcote & Ivory lip balms  Sweet Pea & Honeysuckle toiletries


*Please note: the photos show just a few of the products we sell. Due to continuously changing stock and freshly introduced lines, we cannot guarantee the availability of any specific items depicted. If you see an item you love here, please confirm its availability with us before making a special trip into Trevena Cross.