It’s fair to say that while garden centres may be the original and historic port of call for the ‘big garden shop’, many other chain stores, even supermarkets, have been after a piece of the garden action for many years now, offering apparently similar or equivalent product quality to garden centres, but often at a much reduced price.

Well we’d like to break any myth that the majority of the time they are in fact offering ‘equivalent product quality’.

As we plunge into autumn and edge nearer winter, the example of wild bird care and fat balls in particular is a great one to illustrate what we mean. Where the price-point is the priority for a retailer, (discount/bargain stores) and where there is no ‘specialty’ to be passionate about (multi-purpose chain stores) it can mean that the product quality suffers.

The fat balls that we sell at Trevena Cross are premium quality, containing nothing but balanced nutrition for the birds in your garden. You may find them cheaper elsewhere, but we have it on good authority that these will often be made extremely cheaply on the continent, bulked out with ingredients that you wouldn’t expect, nor want to see on an ingredients list for such a product.

Premium Fat Balls - demonstrating product quality at Trevena Cross

It is our belief that it is the birds that matter – not just the price point. While we can’t promise to be the cheapest, we can promise to offer you excellent value for money and excellent product quality. You get what you pay for, and so if it seems too good to be true elsewhere – it probably is.

The same can be said for other garden sundries and accessories that ‘appear’ cheaper elsewhere.

Just remember that for the original ‘garden stores’ – the independent nurseries and garden centres – gardens are the focus, the passion, and where their expertise lie. Gardens are what those retailers really care about.