Over the past month Trevena Cross has been on the receiving end of a couple of containers of exotic plants from Spain – with another due in soon. The lovely assortment of olive trees, bay trees, citrus, cordylines, palm trees and bamboos have certainly elevated the exotic feel of the place and left no-one in doubt about the status of Trevena Cross as an ‘exotic nursery’.

An early fascination with unusual and exotic plants gave Trevena Cross a business speciality that would stick with it until present day and its exotic offering certainly sets it apart from other nurseries and garden centres locally – and further afield.

Within minutes of olive trees landing on terra firma here at the garden centre they are being snapped up and reserved for delivery. They are dotted around the centre, with all different shapes and sizes catching the eye of many a visitor after something a bit special, showstopping or a real statement making piece for the garden!

Olive tree at Trevena Cross Cordylines at Trevena Cross Palm tree at Trevena Cross

Trevena Cross needs good reason not to grow a plant from scratch on site, and its exceptional exotica forms part of that small selection of plants. To produce these real wow factor specimen statement pieces, the right climate and time is hugely important – it would take many decades to grow anything close to these specimens here in Cornwall, if even possible. When they are imported they are all checked and certified disease free, and all are ready to adapt to their new homes as well established, mature trees.

Stock levels vary as deliveries are only once or twice per year – this makes each specimen extra special, one of a kind, and frankly irreplaceable.

Pop by for a look at the latest ‘exotic collection’ or keep an eye out on your next wander around the centre.