We like to keep you updated on developments behind the scenes, and currently there is a lot going on up in the nursery that will help revolutionise our future growing processes going forwards. We’re erecting/converting two new tunnels – a new heated propagation tunnel and a new ‘frost free’ 3-bay tunnel. Heat to both are to be powered by a brand new biomass boiler, installation of which is to commence next week!

The panels through which the pipework will be run for the new heated propagation tunnel in the nursery are nearly down. The new tunnel will open up so many opportunities in terms of what we can grow and when – and will stop us being dictated to by our sometimes harsh weather. Propagator Graham is certainly looking forward to spending time in his ‘new home’ – a big step up from the current prop house in which he spends his days.

Likewise, the additional ‘frost free’ tunnel, also in progress up in the nursery, will allow us to increase the selection of certain groups of plants we’re able to offer you. Renowned for our large coastal collection of plants, we’re excited that we’ll soon be able to extend the range further still, particularly our most coastal ‘on the beach’ range of plants, which while tolerating the worst salt-laden winds well, have struggled in the past with the coldest inland temperatures on the nursery – despite being just a mile from the coast. Understandably in high demand down here, where we’re surrounded by coastline, coastal plants are one of our most important specialisms, and help define us as a nursery and garden centre. To be able to take the range beyond where it’s ever been before, is truly exciting and will offer you, our customers, more choice than ever before.

It won’t just be the plants that struggle with the severe cold that will benefit either – those that struggle with damp conditions e.g. lavenders, will also be saved from their nemesis! We will have the luxury of shutting the wet out and blasting some heat on them as required, to maintain the dry conditions they thrive in.

Being able to grow, nurture and establish plants in favourable conditions will put less stress on them and will help ensure that healthy, mature plants reach you in the best possible condition and at the time you expect (rather than timings being thrown off by a poor season and plants being delayed due to by atypical weather patterns).