NEW Handmade Sculptures from Zimbabwe

Here at Trevena Cross we have created a unique display of beautiful, hand crafted, Fair Trade sculptures inside the shop entrance – you can’t miss it as you walk in…

Tilner Art Sculptures at Trevena Cross  Little Wooden Giraffe Sculptures

Where the sculptures come from…
Tilnar Art. Tilnar Art’s wood, tin and stone carvings are purchased direct from artists in Zimbabwe. They source their products through a small family run supplier in Harare who have been working with and supporting these talented artists for over 10 years. Purchasing one their sculptures helps provide stable employment and basic needs for many dependants, in a time when unemployment and inflation in Zimbabwe are at unimaginable levels. All products are Fair Trade with the artists either working for themselves or working in co-operatives. Tilnar Art does not support the regime of Robert Mugabe. To the contrary, the items are purchased direct from the artists, thereby supporting the indigenous tribes of Zimbabwe. Tilnar Art appreciates that it is now more important than ever to keep supporting these artists, as their ability to support their families depends on purchases.

Here at Trevena Cross we have a unique display of hand carved and hand painted wooden sculptures, most notably giraffes, as well as a selection of beautiful recycled metal animal sculptures.

The wooden sculptures are made by artists scattered throughout Zimbabwe and mainly in remote rural areas. As much care as is taken in the carving and finishing of a product is also taken in the selection, maintenance and delivery of these fabulous one-of-a-kind sculptures.

Wooden Giraffe

The metal sculptures are hand made by a group of artisans from Zimbabwe who have an international reputation for producing the highest quality metal sculptures available from Africa. All of these sculptures are marked with the artists’ logo and come with a colour product tag with information about the artists.

Recycled Metal Bird Sculpture

The reclaimed metal is heated and is individually crafted to produce these fabulous sculptures that are then finished with a varnish. As each sculpture is individually made, each will be unique with its own markings and poses. They can be displayed indoors or outdoors – just imagine the impact of one in your garden! If it is placed outside, a yearly coat of boat varnish is recommended to maintain the sculpture’s excellent condition.

We’re very excited about these truly unique, one-of-a-kind additions to the shop and invite you to stop and admire them on your next visit! See if you can resist taking one home with you!