As time moves on we still don’t move away from the inevitable control this virus has over our lives, and yet we’re all trying hard to find some sense of normality again and enjoy the return of some simple pleasures; snatched from us a few months ago under the strictest of ‘lockdown’ measures.

It goes without saying that staying safe and abiding by current regulations takes precedent over everything else, but here at Trevena Cross we’re also trying to give you a shopping, dining… and relaxing experience as close to normal as possible. A place that visitors can come and feel as safe as they do in their own homes – but without red tape, high-vis jackets and regimented control dictating every moment of their visit.

Safe escapism is our aim.

As a responsible retailer, we of course have systems in place for social distancing, sanitiser gel readily available, screens around our counters and reminders to respect each others personal space, (and of course face coverings will also be a requirement inside the shop in just over a week’s time), but we’re also blessed with plenty of outside space, the joy of an outdoor shopping experience – to be one with plants and nature and take pleasure in the little things that we perhaps all took advantage of before these strange times began. The chance to make a morning or afternoon of it with an outdoor, undercover dining experience at The Garden Kitchen Cafe only puts the cherry on the cake, and permits escapism for that bit longer – the chance to sit back, relax and indulge in something delicious – that hasn’t been prepared in the kitchen at home – bliss! The play area has now also reopened (after a spruce up), leaving no member of the family left out during a visit.

Outside undercover seating at the Garden Kitchen Cafe Palms at Trevena Cross Children's play area at Trevena Cross

As we act responsibly, respectfully and with kindness and common sense, we politely ask all of our visitors to act the same. If we do, we can all once again experience the pleasure and special moments that Trevena Cross manages to encapsulate.

We very much look forward to welcoming you back again soon!