There has always been an environmental conscience at the heart of Trevena Cross, and now there’s a new environmentally friendly tie to the garden centre’s bow, and its bottleless water!

Prompted by a recent visit to New Zealand, where fresh, spring water was freely available to all customers ‘on-tap’ in shops and cafes, Trevena Cross Owner Graham decided that this was something that should be available to his own customers in Cornwall – and now it is! A continuous supply of fresh, clean spring water (certified by South West Water) from around 200ft beneath the ground on the Trevena Cross site; can now be consumed by visitors to the centre. A limitless supply of superb quality water is available in the Garden Kitchen Café, if customers fancy a chilled glass with lunch, or the same water can be accessed outside, behind the café, where visitors are free to fill their own receptacles to take home with them.

Trevena Cross would encourage anyone that visits to give the water a try – why not take a selfie snap by the spring tap and help spread the word?!

In a bid to further reduce plastic use, all of the bags supplied at the Trevena Cross tills are now biodegradable too. Furthermore, encouragement to ditch the plastic bag whilst out shopping is also available in the shop, as the only current UK stockist of Onya produce bags – reusable mesh bags that will allow you to sidestep the plastic bag rolls by the apples and pears in the supermarket. Take them with your Bags for Life, to bag your fruit and veg. A unique product – and also a great gift, eight bags are currently available in the shop for £14.99 or two boxes (16 bags) for £25.00.

In addition, and a big plastic stumbling block for most garden centres and nurseries; plastic plant pot wastage is now reduced at Trevena. Trevena Cross is pleased to report that they wash, reuse and recycle their own pots, although regretfully are currently unable to accept returned pots from customers due to the high costs associated with sorting and recycling pots which did not originate form Trevena Cross. The garden centre also looks forward to the end-of-year cross-industry deadline for sustainable recycling of black plastic, which currently falls into the non-recyclable category, as the potential for the garden centre to then be able to recycle on a larger scale will prevail.

The garden centres’ green credentials are highly regarded by the family that own and run the business, and a plastic-reduction focus is now adding a new dimension to the environmentally friendly approach that has been ingrained in the centre’s operations for decades, including the use of renewable energy, using and promoting organic pesticides, soil based composts, and Trevena Cross own fertiliser; as well as creating and supporting wildlife habitats across the site.