With the weekend set to be a scorcher, and fine weather expected into next week – we’re looking forward to meeting lots of people out and about in town in Truro next Wednesday – the first day of the Garden Truro festival on Lemon Quay.

Garden Truro Event 2012

A welcome relief after last year’s ‘wet’ event, we’re hopefully on course to attract lots of garden enthusiasts – novice and expert, to a proper summer event! We just have to hope that the weather isn’t SO good that everyone heads to the beach rather than Lemon Quay!

What do we suggest? Do both, but certainly don’t go to the beach INSTEAD of Truro! Be inspired with garden ideas in the morning and relax on the beach on the afternoon, or head to the beach first thing and then swing by Truro for an afternoon of garden indulgence!

Now we have the weather to finally enjoy the garden, don’t miss an opportunity to get it just how you want it!