Only last week we were looking forward to the spring, commenting on how mild the winter had been and how the possibility of a true winter hitting us now was unlikely!

It seems I spoke to soon! With temperatures plummeting to at least -7 degrees C last night and rumours of snow arriving this weekend, we perhaps haven’t got off so lightly…

Bringing in the timers of our automatic watering systems, turning off water to prevent freezing, covering the entrances to our fernerys and shutting up our succulent and grow your own greenhouses are just some of the protectives measures we’ve been taking over the last few nights, to beat the effects of the cold!

Are you protecting the tender and vulnerable in your garden? – Make use of your greenhouse, and conservatory, and bark and fleece anything tender as a precaution!

Fingers crossed (for our plants sake) that the white stuff doesn’t reach these parts (although for the big kids amongst you, you never know!…you could make use of that sledging gear after all!)