On the way and available next month, will be a cracking range of robust Dicksonia antarctica tree fern trunks… all sizes… 1 – 7ft+ tall/long

(instead of the usual £40 a foot)
*The largest, oldest, most impressive 7ft+ specimens will be available at £45 a foot.

Dicksonia antarctica is a ‘soft tree fern’ from Australia, with large fronds. Around this time of year, last year’s growth can be seen around the edge of the trunk, with new growth/fronds visibly emerging from the centre of the trunk. These will unfold and grow towards the sun — displaying a beautifully majestic ‘frond-full’ specimen!

The trunk should be planted in a moisture retentive soil in a cool shaded position out of strong winds. Larger specimens can be hardy down to -10°C but in cold areas the crown should be protected with a mulch of bracken or straw. It should be watered freely, especially in warm weather.

Dicksonia antarctica tree fern trunks Dicksonia antarctica tree fern trunk tops