Our long awaited delivery of Dicksonia antarctica tree fern trunks – all sizes – finally hit Trevena Cross tarmac yesterday! It took around three hours of nursery staff blood, sweat and tears to offload the heavy, dusty trunks… but they did it!

Many will be potted up in the nursery, before coming onto the garden centre, although bare trunks (not potted) will also be available to buy for a limited time at our reduced/special price of just £35 per foot of trunk (7ft & 8ft trunks £45 per foot).

Once potted up, they will be available for sale at £40 per foot of trunk (7ft & 8ft £50 per foot).

And as for their arrival yesterday – we’ll let pictures do the talking!…

large tree fern trunk pallet nursery staff unloading lorry nursery staff unloading tree ferns lorry of tree ferns dicksonia trunks pile of dicksonia antarctica trunks 2 stack of tree fern trunks tree fern trunk ends dicksonia antarctica tree fern trunks lorry of tree fernspile of dicksonia antarctica trunks