Dahlias are stealing the show at the garden centre at the moment. They have joined a selection of colourful three litre patio plants that will put on impressive displays for the months of summer and beyond, assuming they are kept well watered.

Available in a multitude of colours these three litre Dahlias also join our special buy…


Pink dahlia flowerhead with bee  Pale dahlia flowerhead  red-orange dahlia flowerhead

Red and yellow dahlia flower  Three litre patio plants 3 for £12  yellow dahlia flowerhead with bee

Dahlias are cracking perennial plants that will return year after year. Unlike other (‘colder’) parts of the country where gardeners are required to dig up their dahlia tubers and carefully store them over winter; down here in Cornwall the climate is mild enough to be able to leave the tubers in the ground over winter, until an eruption of new growth next spring. This means we’re lucky enough to be able to enjoy Dahlias in the same way as every other perennial. No extra work required!

We have a number of ‘Happy Days’ varieties (various colours) currently stocking the benches. These free flowering, compact plants produce long lasting, large single flowers with contrasting dark centres over striking dark bronze foliage. They’re great in patio pots and containers or in a border in groups of three…five…seven (odd numbers depending on the size of the border!)

Another lovely one that has become an annual Trevena Cross staple is ‘Mystic Dreamer’. This is a single flowered dahlia with mahogany, fern-like foliage. It produces eye-catching pink striped flowers that provide that special summer display we all long for in the garden. Great in borders and containers alike.

Planted in a decent compost with slow release fertiliser, ensure all plants are kept well watered (especially during warm, dry spells) and that faded blooms are removed to maintain a prolific flowering display through the summer!