It has come to our attention recently, that we are housing some Emma Bridgewater collectibles in our gift department!

Men at Work Emma Bridgewater Pottery  Egg & Feathers Emma Bridgewater Pottery

A popular and infamous name in the world of pottery, British-made Emma Bridgewater has tempted fans with a whole host of innovative and colourful designs over the years.

Modern Kitchen Emma Bridgewater Pottery  Peace & Love Emma Bridgewater Pottery

Not a company to sit on its laurels or able to resist unleashing its infinite creative talent, there are many pieces that are produced for only a short time, in short runs, or for particular occasions. As a result, and with the exception of trademark Emma Bridgewater designs, such as the infamous polka dot, there are many pieces that are now a rarity and not commonly found amongst main stockists. We have some of these pieces!

We’re therefore inviting Emma Bridgewater enthusiasts and collectors to come and take a look at our Emma Bridgewater pottery…  Perhaps there’s a piece you need to complete a set or collection? A piece you’ve been trying to source, to no avail? Or perhaps you just want to add something different to a growing collection of pottery? Whatever the reason, get in touch or pop along, and immerse yourself in some Emma Bridgewater magic!

Know someone who’s a big fan? – spread the word and suggest a visit!