Pot Grown & Cut Christmas Trees

British grown Christmas Trees have landed on Trevena Cross soil and are NOW AVAILABLE – these include our ever popular cut VALUE Nordmann Firs (up to 6ft tall) for £25!


We’re confident we’ll have a range of trees to suit all homes, tastes and budgets in the lead up to Christmas. In addition to the lovely non-drop Nordmann Firs we have the traditional Norway Spruce  and the option of pot grown Fraser Firs.

With our dedicated and knowledgeable team on hand to help you make one of the most important family decisions of the year, we hope that you’ll make your Christmas tree a Trevena Cross Christmas tree. We promise that you won’t be disappointed!

  • All BRITISH GROWN trees – cut and pot grown
  • First to bring the exceptional value £25 cut Nordmann Fir to Cornwall!
  • So many to choose from, ensuring that you get the right type, shape and size for your needs
  • Major supplier of trees with decades of Christmas tree knowledge and care advice
  • Personal, friendly service – we’ll help you choose, net, and transport your tree to your vehicle.
    Note; All of our tree netting is oxo-biodegradable, meaning it will leave NO microplastics behind, and can be put straight on the compost heap or in organic recycling bins. 


Value Nordmann Fir £25 - Trevena Cross Christmas Trees
ABOVE:- ‘VALUE’ Nordmann Firs 5ft-6ft tall – £25 (Our most popular buy!) NOW AVAILABLE

£35 Nordmann Fir Christmas Tree 2021
ABOVE:- ‘Premium’ (Graded) Nordmann Firs 7ft-8ft tall – £35 NOW AVAILABLE
(Not pictured) ‘Premium’ (Graded) Nordmann Firs 8-9ft tall – £70 NOW AVAILABLE
(Not pictured) ‘Premium’ (Graded) Nordmann Firs 10-12ft tall – £150 NOW AVAILABLE

Norway Spruce £65 - Trevena Cross Christmas Tree
ABOVE:- Norway Spruce 5-6ft tall – £20 NOW AVAILABLE


(measured from the top of the pot…)

Norway Spruce Pot Grown £35

Norway Spruce – a traditional Christmas tree with a traditional Christmas scent. Grown in the UK.
2-2.5ft tall = £26.50
3-4ft tall = £35 (pictured)
4-5ft tall = £45

Nordmann Fir Pot Grown £45

Nordmann Fir – a popular needle retentive Christmas tree with a lovely symmetrical shape and strong branches. Grown in the UK.
3-4ft tall = £45

Fraser Fir Pot Grown £55

Fraser Fir – uniformly pyramid shaped tree with strong branches and good needle retention. Its needles are green with silvery undersides, and the tree has a lovely scent. Grown in the UK.
4-5ft tall = £55

Blue spruce pot tree 2021

Blue Spruce (red pots) – a striking centrepiece plant with steely blue needles and quick annual growth of 15-25cm. Grown in the UK.
30-60cm = £20.99

Spruce pot tree in hessian 2021

White Spruce (hessian) – a neat festive offering which will also offer beautiful spring growth, and is perfect for patio planters. Annual growth of 8-12cm. Grown in the UK.
30-60cm = £23.99


Click here to view a handy guide to choosing and caring for your real Christmas tree, produced by the British Christmas Tree Growers Association in conjunction with/supported by National Garden Gift Voucher.

If a cut tree is your choice this year, be sure to CUT the bottom couple of inches of trunk off when you get it home (OR we can do this for you at our ‘cutting station’ before you take it home) and give it a good drink outside in a bucket of WATER for as long as possible before bringing it inside. When it is time to bring in and decorate, be sure to keep the tree well hydrated (in a water holding stand) and positioned away from direct heat sources radiators or fires.

Following this advice should ensure that your tree remains the star of the home for the entire Christmas period!

Value Christmas Trees at Trevena Cross