The wheels have been in motion for quite some time, behind the scenes of the ultimate Christmas experience, to make Christmas at Trevena Cross 2018 more memorable than ever before. Many months ago, a great deal of work was carried out in the overflow car park and adjacent field, to create a hard-standing roadway and car parking area that would help avoid another muddy quagmire come December, should we get persistent rain. Any car parking issues of previous years should now be resolved, and we’re ready to crack on and welcome as many of you as would like to join us – with ease!

As well as taking care of car parking logistics, we’ve had new electric hook up points implemented throughout the undercover plant area, where ‘Christmas’ takes place during our market weekends, to make powering Christmas that much easier, for everyone involved, from our market traders to our huge, demanding Santa’s Grotto!

More recently, Christmas has been rolled out across the shop. The shop team (and many of the outside team who have also pitched in) have worked incredibly hard to create a truly magical display in the shop, presenting every light (come and see our awe inspiring light tunnel!) and Christmas decoration or accessory you could possibly need to make the festive spectacle of your dreams in your own home!

Christmas decorations in shop  Christmas light tunnel in shop

Lit up tree in light tunnel trees in light tunnel

christmas display in shop

Outside things are all of a change now too. If you’ve visited recently, you’ll have noticed a great big black construction in the undercover area next to the shop! Building our huge Santa’s Grotto and magical Christmas experience takes time, and while too early for perhaps some of you, to be disturbing everything plant based for Christmas, we’ve had to get on and make preparations for December. Our first weekend kicks off on the 1st December, so we actually don’t have that long to go! A great deal of thought has gone into grotto planning, and this year we have a renewed strategy for dealing with potential queues, to ensure that they are kept at bay, and that the magical journey to Santa’s Grotto will be smooth sailing for all of his visitors!

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