We were pleased to welcome some new animals to the garden centre recently. The only problem is, they’ve now broken free and found new homes all over the place. Now we can’t remember which animals we welcomed…

Can you help us find the animals? Lenny the Lion (there’s one to start you off!) and the rest of his gang are just waiting to be spotted! Adults aren’t up to the task so we need a team of children to hunt them out! All we ask is that you keep your beady eyes peeled and record each animal you find on a sheet found in the shop. Find TEN of the gang and we’ll give you a FREE dwarf sunflower plant to grow in your garden this summer, as a thank you for your help reminding us which animals we adopted!

None of the animals bite, however we suggest you approach them with caution as any sudden movement may cause them to run! Good Luck!!

(Sssh! The animals aren’t strictly alive…. but they do look very lifelike! ;-))