As summer holiday season officially ends, and we take strides into September, we look forward to a colourful autumn – and autumn planting, the main planting season for the true gardeners amongst us. Whether it’s a bit of colour to brighten up a dull day, or a whole array of trees and shrubs you’re after, the options are all here at Trevena Cross…

Cyclamen packs – all grown on site in our 35 acre nursery – wonderfully popular plants at excellent value – just £3.50 per pack of four, that’s just 88p per plant (a reduction on last year’s price of £1.20 per plant and smashing our nearest local competitor, charging £2.80 for a very similar sized cyclamen plant (correct at  14.08.18).

Joining the colourful autumn-winter bedding plant collection, and ready for autumn planting,  is a huge selection of winter hardy pansies and violasalso all grown on site in our 35 acre nursery. Particular favourites this year are Viola Ice Babies, a wonderful, hardy trailing variety (available in a range of colours) that will quickly fill and spill over pots and baskets for excellent autumn-winter displays. Available in six-packs (£2.99 each – UPDATE: now sold out) and also planted up in hanging baskets (£10 each) – ready-done for convenience or if you’d prefer to plant up you own at home, we have all the ingredients to make that happen too!

Spring flowering bulbs are already flying out the door ready for autumn planting –  (UPDATE: now sold out) from the popular narcissus and tulips to crocus, hyacinth and so many other spring delights – it’s nice to plan for exuberant colour next spring! Cornish spring flowering bulbs are also available by the bucket load this year! Determined not to run out of this hugely popular buy, we can help you create drifts of Cornish colour next spring with our sacks of Cornish narcissi. Hurry though, they’re going out fast!

Our huge range of trees and shrubs are ready to establish great root networks in the warm, wet ground of your garden too. The reason autumn is planting time for the true gardener is that these gardeners recognise the ‘greater good’. A tree planted in autumn may not appear to do too much above the ground, or provide instant satisfaction, but beneath the ground it will be establishing a root network – under perfect conditions – that will set it up for life. In many cases, a life that will far exceed the life of the person who planted it! With little maintenance then required through winter, it will emerge a robust specimen in time for the main growing season next spring…when it will finally be its time to shine!

When it comes to autumn – often underrated as a ‘transitional season’ – there is so much planting excitement to be had in the garden we simply can’t pack it all in here, but we’re always on hand to answer any queries or questions you may have – just get in touch!.. And we’ll be firing out handy tips on autumn planting and autumn garden jobs as the season progresses.

…So don’t hang up the gardening gear just yet, summer may be over, but we’re still a way away from winter!