As we sorted through and tidied up our ornamental tree section at the garden centre this week, I began thinking… just how many of us take these figures of architectural brilliance for granted most of the time?

Trees. They’re quiet and unassuming, have no demand for the limelight, and yet possess a presence, integrity and structural importance that cannot be matched by anything else in the garden or outdoor landscape.

Trees often bring stability to a space, as similar to people, they grow and develop, making the transition from dependent youngsters into mature, independent specimens. You can be sure that they’ll stick around (excuse the pun!) for the long term; that while other garden additions come and go, falling victim to extreme weather, or their inevitably shorter lifespan; the tree will go on.

Ornamental Trees -  Eucalyptus Subcrenulata

Trees come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, from the two hundred year old, large majestic beech tree, to the small and beautiful, compact upright grower, better suited to smaller gardens. There is something for everyone in the vast world of trees – and the potential to bring unique architectural brilliance into any landscape.

So whilst taking advantage of a perfect planting time this autumn, make sure you don’t overlook the potential of new trees. Remember space needn’t be an issue with the compact or dwarf growth habit of many varieties. From British natives to acers, eucalyptus and more unusual trees… enjoy being spoiled for choice!

Bare root trees (available here late November) also offer the opportunity to acquire a fantastic new tree at a greatly reduced price!

‘Oh if the tree could talk, it would have so many stories to tell…’

Top Tip: a sturdy stake to stop windrock loosening the tree’s roots while its establishing, will help prevent its early demise!