In a post last month we mentioned that there were a couple of growing media/products we’d achieved fantastic results with this season. One of these we covered – SylvaGrow peat-free compost. Another of these is Neudorff Organic Fertiliser, a compound fertiliser made from animal by-products, fermented vegetation residues, organic materials and living microorganisms – all natural, raw materials.

Containing mycorrhiza fungi, which helps extend the root system by up to 150 times what it might normally reach, and so increasing the uptake of nutrients and water, you’re sure to be left a plant that looks as impressive above the ground as it would  if you could see below it.

Neudorff Multipurpose Plant Food The MyccoVital-Effect

Child and pet safe, you’ll have no worries in this department either.

How to use it?
Mix with soil directly in the hole when planting, and spread around existing stocks of plants, loosely working it in with a hoe or similar (5-10cm deep). Water well after application. Effective for up to 3-4 months.

Available to buy here at Trevena Cross for just £5.99 a box.