Those of you who receive our newsletter (if you don’t, but would like it, you can sign up here!) will be up to date with most goings on around the centre, but for those not so familiar we thought we’d share a November update with you!

Christmas is now firmly installed in the shop as per our last blog post, with lots of lovely gift items accompanying the decs. and artificial trees!

Outdoors, mere glimpses of  Christmas have also begun to appear, with pot grown trees from our nursery starting to make their way down to the garden centre, in anticipation of our cut trees arrival at the end of the month! Bigger outdoor news at the moment is the arrival of our bare root trees, rhubarb crowns and raspberry canes which are NEW on the benches. Fruit trees and soft fruit bushes can also be found in our undercover areas and near our grow your own greenhouse.

We’re gearing up for the festive season ahead and preparing our muscles (well some are!) for lugging Christmas trees around!

We look forward to seeing you when you come to choose your tree, if not before!

P.S – You may have heard a lot about ash trees in the news recently, and the Chalara dieback of infected trees. We’d just like to re-assure you that this isn’t something to worry about when purchasing trees from us. Nowhere in the south-west has currently been detected an infected site, and to be cautious, a hold has been put on the transport of any ash trees so you won’t find them among our bare root arrivals this month. Investigations into the disease, and stock checks are ongoing across the UK, as we just pray for a plan to at least get a handle on the problem, and manage it in a way that causes minimum ongoing impact.