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Elaeagnus is a nitrogen fixer taking nitrogen from the air and putting it back into the soil to feed other plants nearby, which is great news for the garden. It is a hardy, evergreen variety, perfect for coastal locations. Read more about where we grow our hedging plants here and learn how we can send by the pallet load for a delivery charge of only £55.00 (inclusive of VAT) anywhere in mainland UK, here.

That's 50 5ltr Elaeagnus plants delivered for just £377.08 +VAT

TOP TIP: If you have a Leylandii hedge that has grown too big and gone brown at the base, but you don't want to remove it due to a loss of privacy, Elaeagnus can be planted at the base between the Leylandii stumps. Watch it grow for a few years and then you can cut down the Leylandii to leave your newly formed hedge.