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Bare Root Trees & Hedging

Bare Root Trees & Hedging

Bare root is a very cost effective option

Available during the bare root season from late November until March each year, bare root trees and hedging are a really cost effective way to begin group planting. 

Take a look below for this year's current stock...

Most of our bare root native trees and hedging/bushes are smaller (2-3ft), and of course cheaper plants, including:

> Single ornamental whips, including the Common Alder, Common Hawthorn, Cherry Plum, Scarlet Willow, Silver Birch, Ornamental Cherry, Lombardy Poplar, White Poplar, Grey Alder, Black Elder, Common Oak, Blackthorn, Common Beech, Mountain Ash, Hazel, Sea Buckthorn, Dogwood Cornelian Cherry, Elderberry and Shadbush (ALL £2.50 each)

> The lovely Copper Beech and Small Leaved Lime (£3.95 each)

> Pots of 10s suitable for hedging - including Hazel, Hawthorn and Rosa rugosa (ALL £17.50 per pot), Common Dogwood and Red-barked Dogwood also available.

We also have a range of raspberry canes during bare root season - five canes in a pot.

Please check availability before making a special journey

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