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Prunus Laurocerasus

Prunus Laurocerasus

Cherry Laurel, attractive to bees and wildlife

More commonly known as Cherry Laurel, this vigorous, large, glossy evergreen shrub is very attractive, with large, finely serrated simple leaves, reaching lengths in the region of 15cm/6inches. In spring it displays erect racemes of white flowers, around 12cm/4.5inches in length, which are attractive to bees and other wildlife. It also has extra-floral nectaries on the undersides of young leaves, making it attractive to wildlife at times of the year when nectar is otherwise scarce. 

It’s dense, ultimately spreading habit makes it ideal for screening/hedging purposes, with an ultimate height of 4-8m/up to 26ft after 20+ years.

Easy to grow in a moderately fertile, moist but well drained soil, this great hedging shrub appreciates full sun or partial shade. It requires little or no pruning — hard pruning certainly isn’t necessary.    

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