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Sweet Pepper Plants

Sweet Pepper Plants

A delicious, tasty sweet vegetable!

£1.20 each

Pepper Big Banana - sweet, juicy and crisp - what more could you want?
Sweet Pepper Bontempi
Pepper Giallo D'Asti -
tasty think flesh with a sweet, mild flavour, ideal prepared in a variety of ways
Sweet Pepper Diablo F1 - a delicious, high yielding, intense red pepper
Sweet Pepper Kaibi Round No 2 - medium sized, juicy red bell peppers appear on these plants - with crisp, meaty flesh and wonderful flavour
Sweet Pepper King of the North - a great crop of large green bell peppers can be gained from this plant, a great one for home gardeners
Sweet Pepper N. Napia - a pointy red pepper with thick crunchy, sweet flesh
Sweet Pepper Narobi
Sweet Pepper Orange Bell - an early, truly vigorous orange pepper, well adapted to the UK climate
Sweet Pepper Phoebus - an early, sweet tasting, high yielding variety that matures from green to yellow
Sweet Pepper Redskin - sweet red fruits appear on this compact plant, around a central stem
Sweet Pepper Dedo de Mocha Sweet Aji - a new, rare addition to our mix, and a wonderful sweet pepper that is actually a hot pepper without the heat! A shiny, deep red fruit that is very productive, with a wonderful taste, comprised of smoky undertones!

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