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Kale Plants

Kale Plants

Similar to cabbage, kale is another tasty 'green'

Kale Sutherland - one of the most vigourous and resiliant kale varieites around, and quite a rare one at that. A producer of tender green leaves in spring when at its most valuable

Kale Blue Siberian - a fast growing kale with large frilly blue-green leaves - tasty, tender and hardy makes it a great kale pick!

Sea Kale - similar in appearance and properties to cabbage, but a bit of a delicacy like asparagus. Its is found growing near the sea in the wild, tolerant of a windy salt laden position

Borecole Black Tuscany - peppery savoy cabbage-like leaves packed full of goodness make this a nice addition to the garden

Borecole F1 Darkibor - a superb winter hardy variety with tightly curled green leaves

Borecole F1 Redbor - a hardy, disease resistant variety with attractive purple/red leaves

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