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Companion Plants

Companion Plants

Planting in harmony will provide mutual benefits

Companion plants are an important addition to the vegetable patch, which by planting, you can ensure the best results from your grow your own activities. A combination of pest repellers, nutrient adders and nitrogen fixers will keep your crops healthy, and in tip-top condition!

Comfrey Bocking 14
- a great fertiliser for the soil, this herb contains high levels of nutrients, drawn up from the deep by its extensive root system. Bocking 14 is particularly valuable as it's sterile, which means you can avoid it spreading/becoming out of control

Tagetes Starfire Mix (Marigolds) - great as companion plants in the vegetable garden, with their aromatic, citrus scented leaves - for repelling insects - and their colourful gold, yellow, orange, red and bicolour flowers for beauty and interest

Trevena Cross fragrant Sweet Pea Mix - great at benefiting the soil by taking nitrogen from the air and storing it in their roots, sweet peas are an excellent addition to the veg plot. Our own specially selected Trevena Cross Mix will provide an abundance of wonderful smelling, and wonderful looking sweet peas!

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