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Cabbage Plants

Cabbage Plants

Delicious & nutritious, a good source of vitamin C

Cabbage Derby Day - a quick, early summer variety that holds well
Cabbage F1 Duchy - a pointed type with good colour and shelf life
Cabbage January King - one of the hardiest savoy types and an attractive one too!
Cabbage Paul & Becky's Asturian Tree Cabbage - a fantastic rare, Spanish variety with huge leaves and a long stalk (harvest like Kale - pick the leaves)
Cabbage Piacenza - a cold resistant savoy from Italy with bright green leaves
Cabbage Quintal de Alsace - a long standing, trusted variety with a solid heart

Pak Choi F1 Yuushou - fast growing, slow bolting, hight quality Pak Choi, great for stir frys and other oriental cooking

Please check availability before making a special journey

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