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Raspberry Canes

Raspberry Canes

Primocane and floricane raspberries


We have primocane and floricane raspberry canes, all producing delicious fruits.

(Autumn Fruiting - fruits on newly produced canes so cut back 2-3inches every spring so it fruits in the autumn)

All Gold - large, golden yellow fruits with an exquisite taste
Polka - award winning variety, producing exceptionally large, delicious fruits
Joan J - a good crop of delicious large juicy berries from late July-October

Summer Fruiting - cut back the canes that fruited last year to 2-3inches and leave the rest alone to fruit this year)

Glen Ample - beautiful conical shaped fruits, large and delicious but also hold well on the cane. Crops from mid-July
Glen Lyon - an early/mid season variety producing firm, glossy orange-red berries with excellent shelf life. Heavy yielding when managed well on fertile soil; with good resistance to spur blight
Glen Moy - an abundance of delicious firm, medium fruits are produced June-July. It has great disease/pest resistance and spine free stems make for easy picking too!
Glen Rosa - Very hardy and disease resitant mid-season variety with heavy yields of small-medium attractive bright fruits. Will survive in all parts of the country.
Malling Minerva - Fantastic early fruiting variety producing large crops of raspberries on spine-free canes. Very disease and virus resistant.
Valentina - An early season variety producing pretty, unusual apricot-pink coloured raspberries with fantastic flavour. Good flavour and good disease resistance.

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